​ My Name is Macee and I have loved the Pomeranian breed as long as I can remember. My very first dog when I was 7 was a beautiful Female Pomeranian named Jill. I loved Jill so much, we were the best of friends. Sadly one day Jill passed when I was about 12, I was devastated but knew I would have another Pomeranian again someday that would love me the way that she did. Fast forward to 2007 and I am currently the new owner of my first Pom since my dear Jill passed. Her name is Pookie and we instantly connected and I knew from that point forward that I would always have Poms and wanted to share the beauty of the breed with others. Since then I have moved to a 10 acre ranch so that my Poms can have all the area they want to run, be free and never be caged. I have purchased 7 other poms now from around the country and have formed a special bond with all of them, they are my family. I have been breeding wonderful Pom's since 2009. My mother in law has been an excellent breeder for 25 years at Rpuppies.com and gives me great tips on how to keep my puppies and dogs healthy. I thrive to have healthy, great temperament, and well socialized puppies. I am a stay at home Mom so I am with my dogs 24/7.  I do things different than most breeders and yes it does cost me more but the quality of life and the way that my poms get to live make it all worth it and makes me happy! All my puppies and dogs are raised under my feet 24/7 and are happily a part of our family. When you take one of my Pom babies home that doesn't mean I stop talking to you. Any time you have any questions please let me know doesn't matter how old your Pom is, I will always be a part of your Poms life and will always be here to help.  The 8-10 weeks I get to spend with all my Pom babies is a great time for me and I consider all the Pom babies we produce a part of our family! All my Pom's are AKC, and CKC registered, with up to date shots, wormed, on heart, tick, and flea medicine (Revolution), my dogs and puppies are all free-fed to ensure proper nourishment, and WELL socialized! It is very important for Pom's to get well socialized as a puppy due to their "BIG DOG" personalities which everyone loves. If you are thinking of getting a pom from anyone I invite you to come out and see how my poms live, where they sleep and how happy they really are. Thank you for checking out my page and feel free to contact me anytime.

​  Macee