Tommie Russo reviewed

February 17 at 11:21am ·

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Macee Whiton of Glitzy Poms. I am the proud owner of Cachet, a rare and exotic Blue Merle and Tan Pomeranian Female recently purchased from Macee. In Macee, I found the real deal of an amazingly dedicated and ethical breeder who breeds out of love and deep respect for her dogs. She does not cage and ignore her dogs choosing instead to house them in a Pom room within her home allowing them constant human interaction that this small and sensitive breed deserves. Her caring and nurturing spirit develops her pups into the ideal family pet in my opinion. I was also impressed with her record keeping and puppy gift pack which included a bed, natural treats and puppy food not to mention every imaginable doggie toy. I did my homework before choosing her and I'm thoroughly convinced I made the right decision.

Hillary Williams reviewed —

February 8 at 10:01am ·

I just got my boy, Hank from Macee!! He is PEFECT! Macee is one of the elite breeders out there. She is so passionate and she loves her poms! When Hank arrived, he was ALREADY potty trained!!! He is the sweetest little boy in the world and I am so thankful for Macee letting him be a part of my life smile emoticon

Martha Moore reviewed —

February 6 at 8:11am ·

THE best experience! My baby is so wonderful, healthy and well socialized! Macee is a wonderful breeder and I highly recommend Glitzy Poms! AAA+. Thank you!

​Rhea Brown reviewed —


February 2 at 2:58pm ·

We lost our Pom to an illness. My friend recommended that I call Glitzy Poms. I was over whelmed with how Macee runs her business. She puts so much love into her Poms. They are so well adjusted, sweet and even wee pad trained. Don't ever stop what you are doing. You have blessed so many lives already. the videos kept us going until we could pick up our little Bentley.

Casey Minson reviewed —

February 2 at 1:18pm ·

I had the best experience when purchasing a puppy from Macee! She always posted updated pictures and videos of all the pups each week and was always available to answer any questions I had. When it was time to pick up our puppy, Macee gave us the cutest puppy package full of toys, treats, and puppy food, along with a nice binder of health information and training tips. I really can't say enough good things about how well socialized our puppy is and how great he has been since we first brought him home. Macee is a great breeder and we couldn't be happier that we were able to bring home one of her puppies! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a quality pomeranian puppy.

Tina Sounique reviewed —

February 2 at 11:51am ·

Macee is a wonderful person and breeder and its shows in her puppies they are sweet and loving and well socialized. Im very honored to be able to have one her puppies I highly recommend you get your bundle of love❤ from Glitypoms

Jimmy DW Morales reviewed —

November 11, 2015 ·
When buying a puppy it's always so stressful . This was my first purchase from a breeder. So I had no idea what to expect.
Glitzy Poms made the it do easy . I would definitely refer and buy another pup . Macee runs a tight ship and is very professional .
My dog came with a binder of all its background history shots etc. Macee also put together a care package with a bed , food , snacks , collar , harness , Leash etc.

​Cat Johnson reviewed —

November 7, 2015 ·
I have had my glitzy pom pup for a couple weeks now and he is absolutely amazing! My puppy has been so healthy and happy since day one. Macee made the process as easy as possible. I would adopt from glitzy poms again.

Shelby Nix reviewed —

July 20, 2015 ·
My husband and I were recently honored to add one of Macee's precious pups to our family. He is perfect! Macee's puppies are exceptionally loved and cared for, resulting in a well rounded, solid puppy. Our little guy is outgoing, loving, sweet, smart and healthy. Macee was a pleasure to work with. She was patient, understanding and accommodating. Thank you Macee for making the process enjoyable and easy. I recommend Glitzy Poms/Macee when looking for that special Pom companion.

​Peter Scaminaci —

★★★★★ on Wednesday
 I have to say that I can honestly say that getting my Giovanni has been even better than I expected. I can tell that the way Macee breeds her puppys shows in each little baby. He has been a Healthy, Happy wonderful addition to my family. Any time I need any help since I am a first time Pom owner she has been there to answer my questions. Thank you for being you !!!
· on Wednesday

Kerry Vakulich-Lyons
★★★★★February 4 at 3:11pm
We absolutely LOVE our baby!! Macee is only the best breeder.. She is very professional, trustful, friendly, caring.. I can't say enough about Macee Glitzypoms!! I searched across the US.. With no luck of a great breeder...AND HERE SHE WAS RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE!! I truly am HAPPY WITH HER.. She definitely a SPECIAL PERSON.. Thank you again Macee!! So.. With no further ado... This is Gracie Lu...

Renee Maldonado —★★★★★ about 2 weeks ago
 My husband and I decided to get our kiddos a Pom puppy for Christmas. We had heard of Macee at Glitzypoms through friends. We picked out the cutest lil guy and Macee was so awesome at putting together a cute little present from Santa with pictures for the kids for them to open on Christmas Day. We now have our lil pom baby and he is the best dog ever! He is super playful and happy and our kids adore him. He is potty trained already to use potty pads and he is just so much fun! Highly recommend Macee at Glitzypoms! Smartest, happiest Pom Puppies ever!

Amber Lashomb reviewed — ★★★★★
July 22, 2015 ·
Macee is an amazing breeder who I definitely recommend getting a Pom from! I got my boy Romeo from her and he is everything and more I could have wanted. He is the prefect example of the Pomeranian breed. Macee is very trust worthy, caring and is always there if you have any questions about your puppy. I definitely give her 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆ you won't be disappointed if you get your next four legged fur baby from her!

Alyssa Sandoval
 — ★★★★★ I have a background of many years volunteering in animal rescues and shelters. Because of that, I've always been a firm believer in only adopting instead of choosing a breeder. But then I discovered Macee and Glitzypoms and thankfully, I changed my mind. We already have a rescue dog and our circumstances made it possible for us to have a second dog. I searched for months to adopt but couldn't find the dog that would meet all our needs, including our current dog. I had my heart set on a Pomeranian mix and I wanted a specific coloring. I happened upon Macee's posts on a pet page for El Dorado County and I couldn't believe that she had exactly what we were looking for. I friended her, followed her activity for months and talked to some of her previous customers. I was really impressed with her breeding practices and dedication. After coming from a background with rescues and shelters, I know every warning sign, every questionable thing you should look out for in a breeder. Macee was none of them. She was everything right! When she had Merle Pomapoos available, we were thrilled because that is what we wanted. Meeting Macee in person was awesome. She is always very professional and welcoming, kind. Those were very important things to me because dogs are always a reflection of their owners. We brought home our puppy from Glitzypoms at 8 weeks, Daryl is his name. She sent home a gift bag with all kinds of goodies and a packet with tons of information for us. Daryl was already started on his puppy pad training and his personality was so balanced and sweet. We never have any problems with him, he has no confidence or social issues. At Daryls first Vet visit. He was so impressed with the quality and health of Daryl. From his teeth to his knees, eyes...he said everything was excellent. This bill of health from the Vet is exactly why I ultimately decided on a breeder like Macee. I highly recommend purchasing a puppy from her, I only wish I could have more of her gorgeous dogs! Thank you Macee for our dear Daryl :) last Saturday

 Christina Wasef - ★★★★★

Macee breeds happy and wonderfully behaved poms. We are so Greatful to have found such a quality breeder.

Monique Moore — ★★★★★

Omg winter is the most adorable happy puppy and macee was great!!! Making me feel comfortable about bringing him home. I recommend glitzypoms.....♥♥♥♥♥

Russ N Gina Alexander —
Love her poms! Great breeder who cares very deeply for her dogs. The dogs she breeds are so beautiful, everywhere we go with our poms we get compliments from people about how pretty they are
 about 9 months ago

Justine Jones — 


I have had an amazing experience with Macee. She was very helpful and went above and beyond with videos and pictures since I am an out of state owner. My baby is finally home and he is very well adjusted, playful, and eating normally. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Kyle Temple reviewed 9 at 10:16am · ★★★★★
​I had my puppy picked out b4 she was born. Getting pictures all the time was so great. Now that i have her, she is so smart. A good pom is a tricky Pom. This one is very bright already. She smarter than my other pom. She loves people and dogs a lot. Loves to cuddle and loves water

Vanessa Civello reviewed hrs · ★★★★★
Our newest little luvbug came from glitzypoms! Macee is such an amazing breeder. Our lil guy came happy, healthy & potty pad trained. He's been such a little blessing & we couldn't be happier. It makes such a difference when you buy from a breeder who truly cares & Glitzypoms has succeeded in every expectation!

Shawn Eagleton Roessler reviewed 8 at 7:39am · ★★★★★ 
My Mom got a puppy from Macee and he is the sweetest little boy. It was so fun visiting her home and meeting all the babies. They are so well taken care of.

Norm F. Civello II reviewed at 2:35pm · ★★★★★ 
We are huge pom lovers and we purchased our newest little fur baby from Macee at Glitzy Poms! Awesome breeder!

Esperanza Perez reviewed 22 at 11:04am · ★★★★★ 
Macee is very friendly one of the best breeders ive seen and talked to so far!! Her dogs are BEAUTIFUL and so are her PUPPIES.

ayle Anderson reviewed 24 at 10:10am · ★★★★★ 
I love all the videos and puppys. I have been following and I'm really impressed at how you spend such quality time with each and everyone of them.

 (July 26, 2014) Tara Davis said: 
I was so lucky to get to know Macee. Thru doing a puppy back trade from her. I got her beautiful chocolate boy razah. I hadn't ever done something like this before so for both of us we had to have some trust . Well it took a year for her to get her baby but she has my graceland girl. And let me tell you I couldn't be happier with where she has found her fur ever home. Macee makes you feel like part of her family. She treats everyone so nicely and let's you into her life I really feel like I've gained such a good friend thru all this. Her babies are so spoiled they are not kenneled they have 10 acres of playroom and judging from her videos they love ever inch of it! Her dog room is so nice and clean and and the dogs can go in and out as they please. She also takes such time in their food she cooks for them and makes healthy snacks. She takes time with each of them and takes them places like doggie parks etc. You will never go wrong buying a baby from her. She is such a great breeder that truly cares I only wished I lived closer.   (July 26, 2014) Tara Cruz said: 
I'm not sure where to start.. We planned to get my mother in law a big sentimental present a new puppy! We made the decision to go with Glitzy Poms because of how Macee takes care of all of her pups and puppies. It was the best decision we ever made bc from start of the "transaction" until we received Miko (the puppy) was the most pleasant experience and still to this day Macee checks in on him and well I gained a great friend I feel like we are family!! Macee cares for all of the puppies she breeds just like she cares for her own ! My mother on laws heart is now complete she doers this puppy so thank you Macee and Justin and khloe who baby proofs lol for helping us make this surprise happen for her :) So if you are looking for a healthy puppy and well taken care of until you bring the bundle home then go with Macee because you will also gain a wonderful friend   (July 25, 2014) Linda Eagleton said: 
I bought my Jake from Glitzy Poms (Macee). She really loves her dogs, every one of them! The facility is spotless and Macee goes to great lengths to ensure the comfort and care of her dogs. Thanks Macee. I love my Jake!!  
(July 25, 2014) Bonnie said:
You can tell Macee really loves all her dogs and puppies and raises them as family members! I can only wish all breeders were as kind to their animals as she is! If you want a puppy that has been spoiled and given the best start in life, you need a puppy from Glitzy!   (July 25, 2014) vicke ernst said: 
OMG we love our baby...glitzy jade de la" Finch ernst...she is amazing. we feel like macee and justin are part our inner circle..its awesome. my little girl came to me by chance. she is a parti and she wasnt expecting one ...but he merle sza sza...had one that night i said it. was meant to be. so our little cali girl became a new york loves snow l;ol. great people, their animals have them trained well....hahaha     (July 24, 2014) Cheryl Goodson said:
 If you are looking for a good breeder here is one. Glitzypoms takes excellent care of the parents and puppies. They are kept in a very clean environment and are socialized. The puppies are not only very healthy they are extremely cute! Before you go to other breeders check this one first you will be very happy and find that she is very quick to get back to you. Great job Glitzypoms!       (July 24, 2014) Suzanne Lucius said: 
Glitzy Poms has bred for the most beautiful, exotic colored, perfect termperament, great all around pets or to enhance your breeding program. They are raised inside with the family; actually they are part of the family. They get the best food and healthcare, and are very much loved. You can't go wrong with Glitzy Poms. They get constant training, grooming and and when you pick up your puppy, it comes well trained,comes with a starter puppy kit and has been well loved. Great around small kids, dogs, cats, goats, etc. you won't be dissapointed!  

Justin Whitton reviewed 8 at 8:20am · ★★★★★

​Some of the happiest and most loved animals I have ever seen. If it's not a glitzy pom it's just another pom.

Sandra Mankowski reviewed 8 at 8:19am · ★★★★★
maccee is an awesome person and top of the line breeder. more breeders should take a page out of her book. macee is #1 in my book. she truly loves breeding and loves all her babies and they all r little stars. keep up the good work or in ur case love.

Donna Macedo reviewed 9 at 6:03pm · ★★★★★ 
Cutest Pom puppies! Raised in a loving, caring, healthy home with a great family environment. You can tell Macee loves her furry babies with every post and video!

Janis Moran reviewed — 5 hours ago
She cares for her pups and answer every question you need to know about your pup before you get your pup I would buy another pup from Glitzypoms again!



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